Saturday, October 11, 2014

Eyeball Antenna and Costume ideas!

Hi guys! It's Mystic! I know this blog isn't daily but I felt like doing the new item. Anyways, the new item is the Eyeball Antenna for 500 gems!
Anyways, I have two costume ideas for you guys! Let's get started with the costumes!
Here's the first costume:
What you will need:
Vine Anklet (400 gems)
Leaf Necklace (250 gems)
Wings (250 gems)
Head Flower (350 gems)
Elf Tail Armor (4 diamonds)

Here's the second costume:
What you will need: 
Mech Angel Wings (Not in stores anymore)
Sparkly Boa (450 gems)
DJ Headset (2,500 gems)
Spirit Glove (1 diamond)

That's it bye!

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