Sunday, February 14, 2016

Heart T-Shirt, Heart Jewelry Box, and more

Happy Valentine's Day everyone, and I hope you all are having  a great day today! Anyways, there's two new items which are the Heart T-Shirt which is in Jam Mart Clothing, and the Heart Jewelry Box in Jam Mart Furniture!

On the Animal Jam Spirit, they posted about Animal Jam's CEO Clark Stacey posting a sneak peek of  Animal Jam figurines coming!

Picture from the Animal Jam Spirit

I can't wait for these to be released, and I'll probably be begging my parents to get them for me once their released.

On the DE, be sure to check out the post about about a Japanese art style which is called Paper Marbling! Click here to read it!

To end of today's post, here's the gif of the day!

I'll see you guys tomorrow in the next post, happy jamming!