Saturday, October 11, 2014

Adoption Rant

Hi guys! It's Mystic and I'm going to be doing a rant.. Anyways, let me start the rant...
You know the Pillow Room? It used to be where some people met friends and got along but now it has to be RUINED! People now just go around and adopt people just like that! Here is an example of what it is now like in the Pillow Room:
It's usually more drama than this but seriously. They hog up the Pillow Room and bunnies are always screaming: "ADOPT ME!!! IS SWEET LITTLE RARE NEWBORN!" Plus, once they say that they're rare they always blue! People in the Pillow Room fight over "kids". Here's an example:
I did this picture with my main and two storages..
Adopting has sometimes bullying involved with it too!
Well, this is the end of my rant.. Bye!

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