Saturday, October 25, 2014

AJ named an item after me! (Not really)

Hey guys! It's Mystic and today I'll posting about an interesting item in AJ now. So the new item is the Mystical Potion Set. The reason by I put bold on the word Mystic because that's my name! I feel so special now. I know I'm acting all crazy because of a name. Here's the image:
I'll stop acting crazy about the name and it's just a coincidence. 
That's it and happy jamming!

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Costume Ideas!

Hey guys! It's Mystic and today I have some costume ideas for you! The first outfit is Bluestar from Warriors! She died by protecting her clan from a pack of dogs. Anyways, here's the costume:
This is what you will need:
Moon Necklace (Not in stores anymore)
Freedom Fox Hat (Not in stores anymore)
Pirate Sword (Not in stores anymore)
Spirit Glove (1 diamond)

This is a fun little screenshot I took:
To get the ghost effect go to the Spooky Party and stand in the mist for a while.
Here's the next costume
This is what you will need:
Gazelle Horns (250 gems)
Glove (Not in stores anymore)
Worn (Not in stores anymore)
Elf Tail Armor (4 diamonds)

Next costume:
This is what you will need:
Spike Collar (Not in stores anymore)
Spike Wristband (Not in stores anymore)
Gazelle Horns (250 gems)
Rare Worn (Not in stores anymore)

Final costume:
This is what you will need: 
Rare Princess Necklace (Not in stores anymore)
Rare Scary Bat Wings (Not in stores anymore)
Scary Antlers (250 gems)

I hope you enjoyed these outfits and happy jamming! Bye!

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Adoption Rant

Hi guys! It's Mystic and I'm going to be doing a rant.. Anyways, let me start the rant...
You know the Pillow Room? It used to be where some people met friends and got along but now it has to be RUINED! People now just go around and adopt people just like that! Here is an example of what it is now like in the Pillow Room:
It's usually more drama than this but seriously. They hog up the Pillow Room and bunnies are always screaming: "ADOPT ME!!! IS SWEET LITTLE RARE NEWBORN!" Plus, once they say that they're rare they always blue! People in the Pillow Room fight over "kids". Here's an example:
I did this picture with my main and two storages..
Adopting has sometimes bullying involved with it too!
Well, this is the end of my rant.. Bye!

Eyeball Antenna and Costume ideas!

Hi guys! It's Mystic! I know this blog isn't daily but I felt like doing the new item. Anyways, the new item is the Eyeball Antenna for 500 gems!
Anyways, I have two costume ideas for you guys! Let's get started with the costumes!
Here's the first costume:
What you will need:
Vine Anklet (400 gems)
Leaf Necklace (250 gems)
Wings (250 gems)
Head Flower (350 gems)
Elf Tail Armor (4 diamonds)

Here's the second costume:
What you will need: 
Mech Angel Wings (Not in stores anymore)
Sparkly Boa (450 gems)
DJ Headset (2,500 gems)
Spirit Glove (1 diamond)

That's it bye!

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Outfit Idea: Witch!

Hi guys! It's Mystic! Sorry for not posting in forever! Anyways, Since Night of the Phantoms is in Jamaa I decided to make a costume idea! Here are some pictures of witches:

Here's the outfit: 
You will need:
Moon Necklace (Not in stores anymore)
Spirit Glove (1 diamond)
Tutu (350 gems)
Witch Hat (300 gems)
Pet Cheetah (3 diamonds)

That's it bye!